*Redlands Chepulechi Art Show (1995-1996)
*LA County Fair (1996)
*Cal-Arts Main Gallery Art Show (1999)
*Louise’s Trattoria Resident Artist(2003-2007)
*Hudson Theater Resident (2005-2008)
*Encore Hollywood Front Lobby Artist (2006-2008)
*California Beautification Fence Project (2010)
*DTLA Art Show on Gallery Row (2010)
*Plaza de la Raza Boathouse Show (2011 & 2012)
*Artique in Kazakhstan (2015)
*Elements by Bach art show (2018)
*Hamra, Lebanon art show (2019)
*Kusthaus RoZig online exhibition (2020)

*Sarah Louise Wilson SOLO show "New Eyes" (2021)



“These portraits carry both pain and hope.  They represent our horrid past and yet offer strength and compassion in the eyes of culture our history attempted to annihilate.  There is a fierceness to your work that dares me not to look away.”
-Brian Buckley

“I am taking the tour of Sarah's online auction right now!!  You will gasp, you will tear up, you will raise your hands to the sky, so take the tour of her new art!! IT IS AMAZING AND OFF THE CHARTS!!  I challenge you.”
-Roberta Kile

“I'm blown away—Absolutely blown away.—Incredible. It’s what every single person should experience in this virtual space to learn and transform. I've never seen or experienced something like this virtually that made me feel like I was in a room sharing and being enlightened.”
-Lisa Wilson 

“Not For Sale gave me chills.”
-Stephanie H

“The portraits are beautiful too. Very inspiring…”
-Luisa S. 

“I admit to being ignorant in history, it was never my strong suit. And going through your virtual art tour gave me an amazing experience. Watching movies, mini-series is a different vibe, I honestly sometimes don’t pay too much attention but knowing you, the artist, your passion, and your drive to educate others. Well, it was a humbling experience, to say the least. My perspective on history has always been, well it happened and I can’t change it or yeah it was impactful to those who suffered through it. But your artwork, made me feel the pain, hear the sacrifice and the agony. I am older now and I have been through struggles and it resonates. Being young and tortured with a history class led by an ignorant white narcissistic man made me devalue history. It made me think that it was what it was, minimal. Now I’m seeing the values I instill in my daughter, the purpose for seeing everyone as equal. Her experience is different.” 
-Helia Castellon

“Sarah, this brought me to tears. I love it, it is so amazing.
God has blessed you with a wonderful gift.
It is my pleasure to share this fabulous exhibit with my friends.
Love, love, and more love to you and your family.”
-Beverli Ellis

“Sarah’s exhibit is very moving. This exhibit needs to be seen by as many people as possible!”
-Toby Lamb

2021 Portfolio